AGS Terminal Area Plan-Open House!

The Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) Aviation Commission presents the results of the recently completed Terminal Area Plan (TAP).

The purpose of the study was to develop both short- and long-term plans to accommodate current needs, anticipated growth, and provide space for additional passenger amenities. The plan also includes recommendations for facilitating the Airport’s sustainability goals while enhancing the passenger experience.  The process to prepare this federally funded plan began in the Fall of 2022.

AGS and Aviation Commission will host a Public Open House to share information about the TAP. The Airport wants your feedback on study recommendations that have been developed for the layout of terminal and its associated facilities. Estimated project costs will be shared as well as terminal renderings to give the community an idea of what the terminal expansions could look like.

The open house will be held on March 20th, from 10:00 a.m.-4:00p.m., in the baggage claim area of the passenger terminal building at 1501 Aviation Way.

AGS Searches for Local Talent

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) is currently searching for local area artists and musicians to highlight their talent in both our General Aviation Terminal and Commercial Airline Terminal.

Still art, such as 2-D and 3-D pieces, would be selected for display in both Airport Terminals. These pieces would have to fit within a locked display case with dimensions: 65.5” H x 34” W x22” D or 46” H x 67.5” W x 19” D.

Musicians would be invited to perform during our busiest times of the year, Christmas of 2022 and Master’s Week of 2023. These performers would be required to play acoustically due to the capacity of the venue.

If you would like to apply for either of these opportunities, please see the details below:

  • Still Art: Please mail or email 6-10 examples of your work, via photographs, to the contact below.
  • Live Art: Please fill out the required application by visiting,

Please send all submissions to the following:

Attention: Lauren Smith                                                         Deadline: September 23, 2022

1501 Aviation Way

Augusta, GA 30906

NOTE: All submissions will be evaluated by the Augusta Regional Airport Art Committee. Only those applications filled to their entirety will be considered for evaluation. Those artists selected will be contacted directly for scheduling.

AGS Destination Augusta Partnership

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) has partnered with Destination Augusta to create an arrival experience at the airport’s baggage claim that incorporates the marketing brand of the City.

In 2022, AGS and Destination Augusta formed a formal partnership to work closely together to promote the region to area visitors, potential businesses, and enterprises. This partnership included the implementation of an Augusta Destination branding campaign to direct visitors to Augusta & Co., area non-profits, local businesses events.

This multi-phase campaign has completed phase one just in time for the Augusta National Women’s Amateur and Augusta’s largest sporting event, the Augusta National’s 87th Masters® Tournament. The installation of wall graphics, floor graphics, and call to action imagery will be seen by thousands of visitors as they pick up their luggage in the Airports recently renovated baggage claim area.  

“I’m thrilled to see this collaboration with the Augusta Regional Airport come to fruition just in time for two of our biggest weeks of the year with the Augusta National Women’s Amateur and the Masters®”, said Bennish Brown, President and CEO of Destination Augusta. “The arrival experience is so important for setting the right tone of a visit. For our fly-in visitors the airport is their first impression of Augusta so it’s critical we provide them with a sense of place right from the start. This baggage claim makeover is the first of what I hope will be many opportunities to extend our soulful, welcoming, and memorable Augusta brand to visitors flying into our city and locals flying home.”

“We are delighted to feature the displays Destination Augusta has provided at the Airport in advance of our Masters® visitors,” said Herbert L. Judon Jr. Airport Executive Director. “These visuals create an energetic and positive tone for patrons as they explore and embark upon our region.  With the strong partnership between the Augusta Regional Airport and Destination Augusta, we look forward to ongoing collaborative campaigns to promote our community.”

For more information on Destination Augusta and Augusta & Co. please go to,

*NOTE: Media wishing to cover this story we ask that you attend a press conference to be held on Thursday, March 30th at 12:00 p.m. in the baggage claim area of the Augusta Regional Airport.

AGS Preparations for 2023 Masters Week

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) prepares for an influx of visitors April 3rd – 10th by implementing parking protocols, highlighting local artists, and offering more direct flights though Delta and American Airlines.

As part of AGS’ curb enforcement implementation, the Airport continues the parking protocols for all “for hire” commercial ground transportation operators. These protocols extend to for profit enterprises that enter the premises for the sole purpose of picking up passengers i.e., taxies, limousines, hotel/motel shuttle services, and hospitality transportation services. During the week of April 3rd – 10th these operators will be required to pay a nominal trip fee of $2.00, to gain access to a designated parking lot adjacent to the main terminal building. All “for hire” commercial ground transportation operators will be required to use this lot to stage their vehicles and pick-up passengers. 

AGS visitors will also see a glimpse of the area’s local talent. The Airport’s Art Program will have the beautiful pieces from Cyndy Epps and Carrie Everitt on display in the gate area of the main terminal. The gate area will also highlight the musical talents of Josephine Johnson, Matt Dahlheimer, Adam Harris Thompson, Bill Karp, John Hobbs, JaVonne Jones, and Fred Williams.

In addition to regularly scheduled destinations, Washington D.C., Dallas, Charlotte, and Atlanta. Delta and American Airlines will offer additional direct flights to and from Augusta during the week of the Masters®.  This year’s itinerary includes direct service to and from Austin, Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Detroit.

“We are prepared and excited for the influx of visitors who will travel through the Augusta Regional Airport in the coming weeks,” said Herbert Judon Jr. Airport Executive Director. “These temporary procedures, art works, and performers are sure to enhance both the safety and customer experience while at the Airport.
As we do every year, we also highlight and encourage locals to take advantage of the increased destinations

of direct flights.”

Please visit for full details on the above mentioned.

AGS, BETA, & GA Power Charging Stations

Today Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) unveiled the commissioning and installation of its first electric charging stations, installed in partnership with BETA Technologies, developer of a fully integrated electric aviation system, and Georgia Power, a premier energy company. The charging stations are located at multiple sites on the airport – one located inside the airfield fence to enable aircraft charging, and three dual-port chargers located in the short-term and general aviation parking lots, designated for electric ground vehicles.

The chargers, which are designed by BETA to be multimodal and interoperable, are compatible with various types of electric aircraft in addition to electric ground vehicles. With these sites, AGS is well-positioned to support the operations and recharge of all types of electric vehicles – aircraft and ground vehicles alike. With this, the airport has implemented infrastructure that will power the next generation of transportation.

Installed by BETA and powered by Georgia Power, the level 3 airside charger supports fast charging up to 350kW. These installations represent BETA’s first charging stations in Georgia – and first in the southeast region of the U.S. more broadly.

“We are proud to be leading the way in preparing our Airport, community and the State of Georgia to accommodate the new electric aircraft, ground service equipment and aerospace technologies,” said Herbert Judon, Executive Director, Augusta Regional Airport.  “We are thankful to our public and private partners, BETA Technologies and Georgia Power for their support in this historic endeavor. We are also grateful for GDOT’s continuing support of our Airport and efforts to grow and improve.”

“We’ve seen nearly every mode of transportation go electric over the past decade, and aviation is next,” said Nate Ward, Team Member, BETA Technologies. “In order to support this shift to electrification, we need to make sure charging infrastructure is as reliable and accessible as possible. We are thrilled to have forward-looking partners like the Augusta Regional Airport and Georgia Power invest in this infrastructure that will support operations today and for generations to come.”

“We are proud to partner with the Augusta Regional Airport and BETA Technologies to provide the power and infrastructure for electric transportation technologies,” said Jason Cuevas, Region Vice President for Georgia Power in Augusta. “Access to infrastructure and new technology are essential as we work closely with our customers to meet their clean energy goals through electric transportation and build the future of energy together.”

Aviation Commission & Committee Notifications

The Augusta Aviation Commission will hold the monthly meeting on:

A Construction Committee meeting will be held May 23rd beginning at 9:00 a.m.. The Monthly Commission Meeting will be held immediately following at 10:00 a.m. This will be held on the second floor of the commercial terminal in the Orwen Commission Chambers.

Marketing Committee Meeting

Construction Committee Meeting

Commission Meeting

Direct Flight Offerings Tournament Week at AGS!

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) is happy to announce additional direct flight options for tournament week!

AGS has received confirmation from both airlines of additional direct flight options during Masters’ Week. Both airlines historically offer additional direct flights during this busy week. This year’s flight schedule is as follows:

American Airlines:

Austin, Texas
Boston, Massachusetts
Charlotte, N. Carolina
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
New York (LaGuardia)
Miami, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Washington D.C. (Reagan National)

Delta Airlines:

Atlanta, Georgia
Detroit, Michigan
New York (LaGuardia)

“As things begin to normalize, it is great to see the expansion and growth of the Masters’ Week airline flight offerings.” Said Herbert L. Judon Jr., Airport Executive Director. “We are privileged to provide one of the main gateways for thousands of visitors travelling to and from our city. However, I also want to especially remind our locals that these additional flights also represent an opportunity to “get out of town” and enjoy service to destinations we may not normally provide.”

The above flight offerings begin April 2nd and will run through April 10th, 2023. Visit today to book your flights.

AGS Receives Funds Through Tap Grant!

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) is proud to be a recipient of an FY2023 Airport Terminal Program (ATP) grant. The ATP is part of the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). It is a five year 5-Billion-dollar competitive discretionary grant program aimed at infrastructure enhancements at our nation’s Airports. One of the goals of the program is to help meet the growing demand of air travel and invest in airport improvements.

The federal government announced on February 27th that AGS will receive a grant in the amount of $3,000,000. This money will be used to help fund a portion of the Airport’s Terminal Gates 3 & 4 Rehabilitation/Expansion Project. The AGS project was one of 104 selected from 99 airports. The primarily goal of this project is to reconfigure two terminal aircraft gates to install passenger boarding bridges in lieu of ground boarding (walking outside). AGS currently has operational passenger boarding bridges at two of six aircraft gates.

“We are extremely grateful for the federal support and thank all those who worked and advocated for us.” Said Mr. Herbert L. Judon Jr. Airport Executive Director. “These funds will provide for a large portion of the construction of our Terminal Improvement Project. Once complete, we will add extra square footage, new amenities, and two additional passenger boarding bridges. This very important endeavor will further modernize our terminal facility, increase functionality, and significantly enhance the customer experience.”

The Airport is slated to begin the terminal construction in mid-summer 2023 and it is projected for completion in the first quarter of 2024.

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