Paws for Pax

Our Paws are here to pamper our passengers

Augusta Regional Airport has partnered with Therapy Dogs Inc. to bring the happy tails of therapy dogs to the terminal to help brighten everyone’s day.

Paws for Pax is an opportunity for AGS to enhance the customer experience by providing passengers with interaction with pets. Paws for Pax Teams will roam the main hall as well as the gate area of the terminal building during the peak travel times of the week. You can click here to view the current months schedule.

When you see one of the Paws for Pax Dogs with their red bandana feel free to pet them! Be prepared, you may receive wet kisses and wagging tail slaps!

Meet the Paws

Handler: Wayne

Home Town: North Augusta, South Carolina

Breed: Irish Wolfhound

Birthday: 12-15-15

Favorite Treat: Rawhides

Favorite Game: Chasing Birds

Loves To: Sleep

Handlers: Kyle & Ashton

Home Town: Augusta, Georgia

Breed: American Pitbull Terrier

Birthday: 11/6/2017

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Favorite Game: Playing with his brother Tank and cuddling

Loves To: Learn new tricks and make new friends

Handler: Kyle & Ashton

Home Town: Augusta, GA

Breed: American Pitbull Terrier

Birthday: 11/2013

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Favorite Game: Play with brother Kobe

Loves To: Put on his bowtie and get ready for visits

Handler: Nancy

Home Town: Blythe, GA

Breed: German Shepherd

Birthday: 10-26-09

Favorite Treat: Large Milk Bone Dog Biscuits

Favorite Game: Tug

Loves To: Rough house with my Corgi brother

Handler: Mike

Home Town: North Augusta, SC

Breed: Great Dane

Birthday: 12-17-11

Favorite Treat: Beef Jerky

Favorite Game: Running circles on wet grass

Loves To: Run and wrestle with other dog friends in the Dog Park

Handler: Ron & Terri

Home Town: Martinez, GA

Breed: Golden Retriever

Birthday: 2/26/2019

Favorite Treat: Apples

Favorite Game: Zoomie Tag

Loves To: Fetch newspaper or anything out of place

Ask their Handlers for Their Trading Card! Try to Collect All 6!

All Paws for Pax Teams are certified through Therapy Dogs Incorporated. Each dog has completed the requirements set by Therapy Dogs Inc., have at least one year of experience in the therapy dog setting, and are up to date on all shots.

Click here for information on the National Council for Aging Care’s guide on Pets for Seniors.

Please review the Paws for Pax Guidelines for program details.

Paws for Pax Teams are required to ask if they may approach you and your family, however you are free to approach them. Should you have a fear of dogs or any concern please tell the handler and they will not approach you.

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