Resolving Conflicts

The Augusta Aviation Commission and staff are always concerned when one of our passengers has a negative travel experience. As much as we’d like to resolve problems ourselves, many of the difficulties passengers encounter are beyond the airport’s control. To assist you in getting your complaint resolved, we have compiled this information that includes a list of passenger’s rights, and addresses for key airline personnel.

Much of this information was gathered from the U.S. Department of Transportation publication, Fly Rights: A Consumer Guide to Air Travel.

Each month the United States Department of Transportation also produces an Air Travel Consumer Report which ranks major U.S. airlines based on flight delays, mishandled baggage and consumer complaints and lists on-time arrival and departure percentages by airport.

Start by talking with the airline personnel most closely associated with your complaint and work your way up to their supervisor. Describe the problem clearly, who was involved and what you would like the airline to do about the situation.

Writing a letter is the most effective means of lodging a complaint with an airline. Remember to include the passenger’s name, address and phone number, flight numbers, travel dates, personnel who helped or did not help you, consequences of the error, and how you would like the complaint resolved in your correspondence. If the complaint is about baggage handling, also include the baggage claim reference number and airport location where your baggage claim report was filed. If you don’t receive a reply within the specified timeframe, write another letter telling them that your complaint will be forwarded to the proper authority.

To help you direct letters to the appropriate personnel, department, or airline that may be able to resolve your complaint – a list of customer service addresses for each of the airlines serving Augusta Regional Airport and federal aviation regulatory agencies appears below.

For more information on passenger’s rights, please visit the American Society of Travel Agents

Federal and State Agencies

The U.S. Department of Transportation handles complaints with flight problems, over bookings, reservations, ticketing, boarding, disability, fares, refunds, baggage, customer service, smoking, advertising, credit, and other issues.

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
1200 New Jersey Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20590

U.S. Department of Transportation: Department of Regulatory Affairs
1200 New Jersey Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20590

For airline safety issues, contact the FAA.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
800 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20591

Federal Aviation Administration
Community and Consumer Liaison Division
800 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20591


Delta Connection

Customer Care Department
P.O. Box 20980
1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport
Atlanta, GA 30320-2980
(404) 715-2600
Fax: (888) 286-3163
Fax: (404) 715-1400

American Airlines

Customer Relations Department
4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034


If you would like to pass on any positive feedback or concerns to TSA regarding you experience you should contact a screener supervisor at the airport. You may also contact the TSA Contact Center toll-free at 1-866-289-9673 during the following hours of operation (All times are Eastern Standard Time): Monday thru Friday 8am-10pm. Saturday Sunday and Holidays 10am-6pm. You may also send e-mail to

If you have been affected by loss or damages while going through the TSA Passenger or Baggage Screening process, please click here for a link to the TSA web site and claim information.


If you have a comment or complaint about Augusta Regional Airport, please write to us so we will know how you feel. Or, call 706-798-3236 and ask to speak with a supervisor.

Augusta Regional Airport
1501 Aviation Way
Augusta, GA 30906

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