Masters Operator’s Information

The Augusta National Golf Club is open and that means golf season in Augusta, Georgia has begun! We are excited about the new golf season and we welcome all operators to (KAGS) Augusta, Georgia.
The start of the golf season initiates Airport preparations in support of The Masters Golf Tournament. In advance of this event we would like to share the following information;

1. Once your trip has been confirmed, Aircraft Operators are encouraged to enter and submit trip information on

The FlightBridge platform facilitates hotel and rental car reservations as well as communicates ground service requests in advance.

2. We are fortunate to have two Inflight catering companies to support operations at KAGS.

Please contact either company for your catering needs.

Blue Collard Catering



Phone: (803) 679-0115

Iacofano’s Catering and Events


Phone: 855-485-3663


3. Masters 2024 Fee Schedule available below.

Masters 2023 Fee Schedule

*Masters Fee Schedule in effect from April 7th – 15th of 2024.
*Ramp Fees are charged per day per arrival
*When an aircraft remains multiple days, the aircraft owes a Ramp Fee for each day.
*Ramp Fees are based on the aircraft maximum landing gross weight.




For information on advertising opportunities inside Augusta Regional Airports main terminal and general aviation terminal or website please contact Departure Media.

Phone: (843) 571-2299



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