The Augusta Regional Airport Aerospace Business Incubator & Resource Center, named Skyworx Innovation Xchange (Skyworx), is an aerospace business incubator and program of services designed to help facility indentureship and innovation business development in the aerospace industry, including unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and cyber security as it relates to the aerospace industry.

Located at the Augusta Regional Airport, the incubator is intended to foster entrepreneurial startups and young businesses by providing resources and assistance during the critical development period, allowing them to build a solid foundation to improve the change of long-term success. The incubator may also play a critical role in promoting knowledge transfer, both formally and informally.

The incubator will provide shared/common-use space, private offices, mentor networks, and networking events and will have an associated acceleration program. It is designed to be a “temporary home” not a long -term inexpensive place to do business.

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