AGS, BETA, & GA Power Charging Stations

Today Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) unveiled the commissioning and installation of its first electric charging stations, installed in partnership with BETA Technologies, developer of a fully integrated electric aviation system, and Georgia Power, a premier energy company. The charging stations are located at multiple sites on the airport – one located inside the airfield fence to enable aircraft charging, and three dual-port chargers located in the short-term and general aviation parking lots, designated for electric ground vehicles.

The chargers, which are designed by BETA to be multimodal and interoperable, are compatible with various types of electric aircraft in addition to electric ground vehicles. With these sites, AGS is well-positioned to support the operations and recharge of all types of electric vehicles – aircraft and ground vehicles alike. With this, the airport has implemented infrastructure that will power the next generation of transportation.

Installed by BETA and powered by Georgia Power, the level 3 airside charger supports fast charging up to 350kW. These installations represent BETA’s first charging stations in Georgia – and first in the southeast region of the U.S. more broadly.

“We are proud to be leading the way in preparing our Airport, community and the State of Georgia to accommodate the new electric aircraft, ground service equipment and aerospace technologies,” said Herbert Judon, Executive Director, Augusta Regional Airport.  “We are thankful to our public and private partners, BETA Technologies and Georgia Power for their support in this historic endeavor. We are also grateful for GDOT’s continuing support of our Airport and efforts to grow and improve.”

“We’ve seen nearly every mode of transportation go electric over the past decade, and aviation is next,” said Nate Ward, Team Member, BETA Technologies. “In order to support this shift to electrification, we need to make sure charging infrastructure is as reliable and accessible as possible. We are thrilled to have forward-looking partners like the Augusta Regional Airport and Georgia Power invest in this infrastructure that will support operations today and for generations to come.”

“We are proud to partner with the Augusta Regional Airport and BETA Technologies to provide the power and infrastructure for electric transportation technologies,” said Jason Cuevas, Region Vice President for Georgia Power in Augusta. “Access to infrastructure and new technology are essential as we work closely with our customers to meet their clean energy goals through electric transportation and build the future of energy together.”

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