Current Artist Exhibitions

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) is pleased to provide the traveling public with art from local area artists which highlight the beautiful artistry of the CSRA!

The Augusta Regional Airport’s Art Committee selected this local artist to have her work on display in the Airports’ commercial terminal.

Her work will be on display from October- December.

Bruce McElya

Bruce McElya  | Current Artists Exhibitions

Born Dallas, Texas, 1951. Attended secondary school there until 1969, then on to college at Texas Tech University. While there I earned two degrees: Civil Engineering and Telecommunications. After University I pulled up stakes and landed in Ruidoso, New Mexico where I worked as a disc jockey and copywriter/photographer for a local magazine. After returning from work on the Alaskan oil pipeline in 1974, I set up a commercial photography business, shooting large format ektachromes for architects, occasionally being published in ?Architectural Record,? and ?Architectural Digest.?

Other publications include: ?New Mexico Magazine, Laser Focus Magazine, Arizona Highways, and Dallas Magazine.? This involved a lot of travel and I decided to work locally after a few years. During this time I began shooting my own artwork to be sold in galleries, both in color and black&white. In 2000 I married and moved to Louisville, KY and set up a darkroom there, continuing with fine art printing. In 2016 my wife and I moved to Aiken, SC to escape the snow and ice and start anew.

In 1993 I got a job as a river guide on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. This was a stepping stone to eventually conducting ten solo raft trips along the river corridor, a record that still stands today. During these 20 day raft trips I was able to shoot a lot of photographs, some of which you see here. Prints of the Swans came from a family of them living on our pond in Louisville. Swans mate for life, and we watched and photographed the adults and their cygnets for about eight years. When moving to Aiken we no longer had a pond so the swans were left in Louisville. I still travel out West when I can. My wife and I currently live and work on a 28 acre horse farm, a few miles southeast of Aiken.

To view Bruce’s website please Click here.

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