UAF Test Site

The main objective of the UAS Test Site Program is to provide verification of the safety of public and civil UAS, operations, and related navigation procedures before their integration into the NAS. Other program requirements include supporting the FAA during the development of certification standards, air traffic requirements, coordinating research and other work with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), FAA NextGen, the Department of Defense, and other Federal Agencies.

As Public Aircraft Operators, the UAS Test Sites support their respective States by conducting governmental functions such as aeronautical research, biological and geological resource management, search and rescue, and public safety (firefighting and law enforcement). They work closely with their Public Safety officials to support their training and demonstrations and integrate this unmanned technology with Public Safety procedures.

As Civil Aircraft Operators, the UAS Test Sites support their clients by assisting them develop their concepts of operations, safety risk management plans, and flight -test their UAS technologies. Other areas supported by the UAS Test Sites include developing safety cases and risk mitigation strategies, preparing aviation infrastructure, and supporting clients in their receipt of Special Airworthiness Certificates in the Experimental Category as needed. The UAS Test Sites have conducted civil operation research and demonstrations for their clients, including research of technology and concepts for national critical infrastructure inspections, package delivery, UAS Traffic Management demonstrations, and urban air mobility.

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