Augusta Regional Airport’s Construction Notice to Arriving Passengers!

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) will require all arriving passengers to exit the commercial terminal via a different route November 1st – 5th.
Beginning Monday, November 1st through November 5th, AGS will begin the instillation of an exit lane egress tunnel device in the main-commercial terminal building.

During the installation period, all arriving AGS passengers will be temporarily rerouted to access the public side of the terminal. Directional signs, barricades, and additional airport personnel will be onsite to assist in this process.

In conjunction with the Airport’s Advancing. Growing. Stronger. (AGS) Campaign, this project is designed to improve the egress processes, the passenger experience, and security posture. This project will update the existing exit lane by installing flip flow breach control mechanisms.

“We apologize for the slight inconvenience this may cause for our customers. However, we are excited to continue with the implementation of these upgrades to our terminal and security posture,” said Herbert L. Judon Jr., Airport Executive Director.

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