AGS Provides Sponsorships for Non-Profit Organization Events!

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) wants to be a partner in the support of local non-profit organization events through the AGS Sponsorship & Charitable Contribution Policy.

AGS takes pride in being a community partner. Through that endeavor, AGS hosts several public events, as well as, provides sponsorship funds for local, not for profit, organizations that host community events.

Augusta Regional Airport’s Aviation Commission, adopted a Sponsorship and Charitable Contribution Policy in an effort to support other local events around the area.

“The Airport is a civic partner and regional asset.” Said Herbert L. Judon Jr., Augusta Regional Airport’s Executive Director. “It is very important to us to provide facilities and monetary support for various events. These events provide the Airport local brand recognition, the chance to promote the Airport’s amenities, and most important, the opportunity to be of service to our community.”

For more information on the Sponsorship & Charitable Contribution Policy, please read more here.

This policy is written within the guidelines of the FAA and Federal Revenue Use Regulations: 49 USC 4707(b) and 47133;5190.6B Appendix E.

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