AGS Prepares for Masters Week 2021!

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) prepares for an increase of visitors between April 5th – 11th by implementing temporary parking measures for “for hire” commercial ground vehicle operators and reminding the public of related security measures.

As part of AGS’s curb enforcement implementation, the Airport will require non-permitted “for hire” commercial ground vehicle operators to pull a ticket and enter the Airport’s Hourly Parking Lot in lieu of parking adjacent to the terminal curbside or other locations. Once in the hourly lot, commercial vehicle operators will utilize the designated spaces closest to the Airline Terminal building to park and wait for passengers (see attached map). Upon departure, commercial vehicle operators will follow the designated signage at the toll booth plaza.

For hire commercial ground vehicle operators are primarily defined as those that enter the premises for the sole purpose of picking up passengers. Examples include taxis, limousines, hotel/motel shuttle services, hospitality transportation services, etc.

The fee will be $2 per trip regardless of time spent in the lot. This is the same fee imposed for year-round “for hire” commercial ground vehicle operators. Airport permitted or year-round “for hire” commercial ground vehicle operators will continue to operate as normal.

This protocol has been established to enhance safety and security, provide better traffic flow, and reduce congestion on the front curb. Those not following the proper procedures are subject to tow and/or other fees or penalties.

“Even with limited patrons, we anticipate the Masters will significantly increase both the air and ground transportation activity at the Augusta Regional Airport,” said Herbert L. Judon Jr. Airport Executive Director. “It is imperative that “for hire” commercial ground vehicle operators follow these measures to ensure safety and business equity among all Airport users.”

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