Advancing Growing Stronger (AGS)

Airports are required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to create a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which is used as the Airport’s primary planning tool for future growth and development.

The Advancing Growing Stronger campaign encompasses several CIP projects as well as other important customer-centric initiatives.  These projects primarily focus on four different areas:

  • Airport Amenities
  • Modernization
  • Capacity Enhancement
  • Business Development

*Please read funding source descriptions below:
Airport Revenues – Revenues generated through various Airport operations (e.g., parking, fuel sales, leases. etc.).

Airport Improvement Program (AIP) – Federal Airport Grant Program that collects and disseminates funds to airports for approved projects.  Commercial service airports receive a fixed annual apportionment of AIP

based on its number of enplanements.  Airports may also compete for additional annual discretionary funding.

Customer Facility Charge (CFC) – User fees imposed on rental cars used for the development or upgrade of rental car and/or approved related landside facilities.

Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) – Locally imposed Airport user fees collected from enplaning passengers used for the purpose of funding FAA approved projects. 

Other – Airports also utilize additional funding sources including other federal and state aid programs and various 3rd party financing (e.g., bonds, loans, etc.)

Below is a list of projects associated with the AGS Campaign. This list does not include all projects to be conducted at Augusta Regional Airport in the forthcoming years.

Parking Revenue Control Upgrades Phase 1CompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
Terrazzo Flooring Phase 1CompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
Ground Transportation Monitoring SystemCompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
PA System UpgradesCompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
Restroom RenovationCompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
Passenger Boarding BridgesCompletedCompletedPFC
Hangar One RenovationsCompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
Frequent Flyer LoungeCompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
FIDS UpgradesCompletedCompleted Airport Revenues
Parking Toll Plaza CanopiesCompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
Military Suite RenovationsCompletedCompletedAirport Revenues
Rental Car Desk AreaCompletedCompletedCFC
Baggage Claim CarouselCompleted2021AIP
AGS Fuel Farm ImprovementUpgrades to current Fuel Farm2022Airport Revenues
Hangar Taxi Lane & RampCreate taxi way and ramp to 17-35Out to BidCARES
Gates 3 & 4 RehabilitationExtend Commerical Terminal gates 3 & 42023BIL
Consolidated rental car maintenance facilityBuild of off site rental car facility2023CFC
STEM BuildingRenovation of building2023CARES
Parking Lot RehabilitationRehab of current lots2024Airport Revenues

Project Descriptions


Proposed Completion Date: Winter, 2022

Project Value: Estimated $2-$3,000,000.00

Description: This project will enhance the current Fuel Farm by providing larger gas tanks, new POS systems, new maintenance facility building and more.


Proposed Completion Date: Out to Bid

Project Value: Out to Bid

Description: Construction of new taxi lane in the north portion of the airfield that will provide access to Runway 17-35 once the entire project is completed.


Proposed Completion Date: To be Determined

Project Value: To be Determined

Description: The project consists of the extension of the current Commercial Terminal Building to allow instillation of larger passenger boarding bridges at gates 3 and 4.


Proposed Completion Date: Winter, 2022

Project Value: $9,290,397.00

Description: The project consists of construction of a new rental car facility that will increase rental car capacity, wash stations, and more. This allows for less rental car traffic on property and additional parking spaces for airport patrons.


Proposed Completion Date: Winter, 2022

Project Value: $100,000.00

Description: This project is the renovation of a building located on Airport property. The building will be converted into a learning facility used for the Airport’s STEM Project. The building will have a classroom environment to include a lecture setting, several rooms with that of the art simulators, and hands on activities for students to learn more about aviation. This building will also be used as an Airport training class room.


Proposed Completion Date: To be Determined.

Project Value: $1-$2,500,000.00

Description: The project consists of the rehabilitation of the existing long term lot along with drainage improvements and wetland investigation for future expansion.

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