Holiday Travel at AGS!

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) would like to inform the public of two new amenities as travelers embark upon their Holiday trips.

As part of the Airport’s “Advancing. Growing. Stronger” (AGS) Campaign, the Airport has recently completed two customer centric projects that will improve the public’s upcoming holiday flying experience. If you haven’t flown in recent months, these two changes will be very noticeable and experiential.

The first is the new Baggage Claim Carousel Replacement Project. This recently completed project includes the installation of two new baggage carrousels that allow for larger bags, increased capacity, and greater reliability. This project also includes outbound baggage conveyance systems, two airline baggage service offices, and new terrazzo flooring.

Second, the Airport also recently installed a new exit lane egress security system. You will experience this as you pass through the exit lane tunnels upon your arrival back in Augusta. Once fully operational, this system will significantly enhance the Airport’s security posture and passenger flow.

“As passenger numbers continue to increase and the Holiday travel season begins, these two new upgrades will contribute to an improved Airport experience by providing state of the art and upgraded systems for AGS,” said Herbert L. Judon, Jr., Airport Executive Director. “As we continue to enhance the Airport, we encourage locals to fly AGS and visit our trip calculator when booking Holiday Trips”

As passengers prepare to travel through AGS, please allow 90-120 prior to your departing flight to transition through ticketing and TSA. Please visit for additional AGS information.

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