Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal

Augusta Regional Airport, operated by the Augusta Aviation Commission, hereby publishes a proposed overall goal for its Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) Program for FY2020-FY2022 for the Augusta Regional Airport. The proposed overall goal is 0.68% for rental car concessions and 53.19% for non-car rental concessions. The methodology used in developing this goal is available for inspection during normal business hours, until October 11, 2019. At the office of the DBE Liaison Officer, Augusta Regional Airport, 1501 Aviation Way, Augusta GA 30906. The Airport will receive and consider public comments on the proposed goal until October 11, 2019. Comments may be submitted to the DBE Liaison Officer at the above address. For additional information and question, please contact Risa A. Bingham, at 706-798-3236, during normal business hours.

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